full & unbuttoned issue 3

playlist, shameless brags, and new work!

Hi! It’s a been a while because we moved. We’re back and we’re so excited to share what we’ve been working on.

recent projects

backtalk x culturestrike

Lani collaborated with the amazing artist/activist organization The Center for Cultural Power (formerly known as CultureStrike) on a three month voting campaign called Movement to the Ballot Box. She designed all of the campaign branding and visuals, which focused on mobilizing Black and Latinx youth to vote.

Here’s a little taste of the work, including a few issue-specific commissions!

backtalk x sundance

Back in 2019, filmmaker Ciara Lacy reached out to Lani about creating graphics for a documentary short she was working on for PBS about native Hawaiian slam poet, professor, and TMT activist Jamaica Osorio. Two years and many tweaks to the end credits later she’s very proud to share that the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past Thursday! It’s also been named one of the top 9 short films to watch at this year’s festival by IndieWire.

Read more below to learn more about this powerful film, its badass director, and if you have time peep Lani’s credit on the second page of the Sundance website!!

backtalk x ciara crocker

Sarah has been collaborating with photographer and filmmaker Ciara Crocker shooting a piece about Ciara’s narrative directorial debut, a true-life story about juvenile delinquents sent to a remote island off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


This issue’s playlist is dedicated to all who’ve experienced the searing pain of unrequited adolescent love. Love y’all. <3