full & unbuttoned issue 2

~say goodbye to hetero-mania; here come the homos; HAVE FUN~

a queer playlist for this issue’s queer movie list!

lesbian film list

(we’ve sat through the worst of ‘em to bring you the best of ‘em.)

A couple months ago a friend asked for “lesbian films to watch.” Lani and I broke out the bottle and brought out some of the best mainstream lesbian movies that we have seen. It is with great queerness that we offer this list unto you. The films are not listed in any given order.


• Shakedown (2018) - Leilah Weinraub one of the best movies EVER

• Pariah (2011) - Dee Rees one of the best movies EVER

• Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) one of the best movies EVER

• Desert Hearts (1986)  the OG; romantic; one of the best sex scenes EVER

• Fire (1997) - dir. Deepa Mehta gorgeous, poetic, sensual; CHEMISTRY 

• Aimée & Jaguar (1999)  devastating ending; one of the best sex scenes EVER

• Kiss Me / Kyss mig (2011) swedish, hot, good film

• Summertime (2015) french, hot, good film 

• The World Unseen (2007) tender, omg Lisa Ray

• Fresh Kill (1994) dir. Shu Lea Cheang bonkers, irreverent aesthetic, a wild ride

• Mosquita y Mari (2012) Latinx coming of age, beautifully rendered 

• Bound (1996) thriller, romance, high femme hawtness, CORKY!!

• Heavenly Creatures (1994) psychological thriller, shit gets cray yassssss

• Mulholland Drive (2001) California fever dream, David Lynch so you know

• Carol (2015) 1950's subtle sensuality; dreamy and gorgeous; FURS

• Disobedience (2018) YO JUDAISM my people; e'rybody wants Rachel Weisz to top them

• Rafiki (2018) tender Nairobi love story; gorgeous; the color story! 

• Foxfire (1996) - dir. Annette Haywood-Carter (This made Lani gay) New girl comes to town, forms girl gang, Angelina Jolie

• Gia (1998) (No, wait, this one made Lani gay) tragic true life story; Angelina Jolie made Lani gay (actually I think Foxfire officially cemented me as gay- Lani, upon reflection) 

comedy / light-hearted

• The Watermelon Woman (1996) genre bender one of a kind; Cheryl Dunye is a pioneer of queer cinema

• Saving Face (2004) romantic, thoughtful; textured; Dr. Wil!

• But I'm A Cheerleader (1999) Gays4Natasha, campy, sweet, the build is so nice

• Kissing Jessica Stein (2001) smart, witty, sexy and New York City is a character

• I Can't Think Straight (2009) Lisa Ray! I'm in it for the chemistry and connection

• Imagine Me & You (2005) British, Lena Headey is hot as fuck (do we want to be with her to be her? we can have both); romantic comedy

mini-series (british hot shit)

• Tipping the Velvet (2002) This is a sexy, subversive 19th century experience that you want to take

• Fingersmith (2005) a great mystery, nothing is what it seems and yet that tender romance is so fervent;, beautifully rendered and acted; BRITS!

i hate this movie

Blue is the Warmest Color the director said "we shot them like paintings, like sculptures." ....and you can tell. Why would you want to suck the life out of people and film them like they are stone? Denounced by the queer artist who wrote the graphic novel.